A Week Well Spent

As an adventurer at heart, I love to explore, try new food, and travel whenever I get the chance.  I have been blessed with experiencing all of those things throughout the week.


[The aftermath of my first painting lesson at Paint Nite]


[Taking advantage of restaurant week lunch at Abe and Louie’s with fresh-squeezed lemonade, french onion soup, prime sirloin, and a slab of chocolate cake]


[The NYC 9-11 Memorial pools that sit in the place of the destructed towers]

My sister planned an inKAS Summer Camp reunion in NYC, so several of us from different countries were able to reconnect.  🙂  It was so good to see my sister and everyone who could be there, and it’s hard to believe that we traveled all over Korea nearly a year ago.  

A friend of mine told me about inKAS Summer Camp, which provides Korean adoptees a unique opportunity to travel throughout Korea. InKAS covers the lodging, airfare, meals, and a roundtrip flight.  InKAS is accepting applications now through April 8, 2013 (for May 24th- June 5th, 2013 camp dates), so let me know if you’d like me to forward you additional information.


[One of my favorite indulgences: Pinkberry]

Hope you’re enjoying the week so far!



26 thoughts on “A Week Well Spent

  1. Hey =)
    Thanks for your comment.Pinkberry looks delicious *_*
    And the lush carrots a post before are so cute ❤
    Like to follow each other?


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